Why Choose Printed Circuit Boards From Us?

Why Choose Printed Circuit Boards From Us?
We are North chinese first largest PCB Manufacturer - large enough to offer you advanced PCB capabilities and exclusive services such as our free PCB ArtistLayout software and our FreeDFM PCB file check tool, but small enough to provide excellent "hands-on" customer service for each and every order.  Our Instant Online Quoting and our online order tracking system makes it more than easy for our customers to place their order with us!
100 % China Based Manufacturing
Fab + Assembly as Quick as One Day
24 Hour Live Tech Support
Industry's Largest Team with Over 100 Sales & Support Personnel
Industry's Best On-Time Shipping Record
No Minimum Order
DOD Contracts Ready / ITAR Registered
Space & Flight Approved PCB Supplier
Same Day & Weekend Turns

More information please visit our official website: http://www.ledpcbdesign.com 

About Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is widely popular in Europe and the United States of the river fishing method, to capture the ferocious predatory fish-based. With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, some people have begun to get involved in fly fishing.
Fly fishing is a kind of fishing used by senior anglers. It is a kind of fishing method used by senior anglers. It is used to predator and predator in predatory spring and summer (March to April) when the winged zooplankton eclosion adults. To identify the characteristics of swallowing to catch the lake ~ ~ ponds ~ rivers ~ streams ~ small predatory fish in the stream. This kind of fishing method is to use imitation bait (to be bait) to imitate the fly, mosquitoes, dragonflies, butterflies, moths and other winged insects fell into the water, to stimulate the water white barb, Culter, red tail Xenocypris predatory Fish predation.

About Us
Leichi wholesale fly rod, fly reel, fly line worldwide, and professional manufacturer and supplier of Fly rod,  fly reel and  fly line in Qingdao,China.We also supply such as fly box, fly fishing vest, fly tying materials etc.

We are ready and our strategy presupposes keeping oil production levels

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Russia's strategy to stabilize the oil market presupposes keeping its current oil production level, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported Tuesday.

"We are ready and our strategy presupposes keeping oil production levels," Novak told press during the 15th International Energy Forum (IEF) held in Algeria on Sept. 26-28.

Russia's Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov said last week that Russian oil production has reached a record high in September, with daily output exceeding 11 million barrels on Sept. 8.

OPEC Secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo said last week that a meeting of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on the IEF sidelines will try to reach a consensus to freeze output for at least one year.

In April, the world's major oil producers failed to secure a production freeze deal in Doha, Qatar.

The purpose to reduce the prime cost that should be use high quality scale inhibitor on oilfield. Qingdao Kerun Bio-technology Co., Ltd has the chemicals KR-607 scale inhibitor for oilfield reinjection water.

We are dedicated to bring a personalized service to each customer by providing an unique solution to each case. By having an advanced management system, well-developed after-sale service and a strong sales team, we have achieved industry-leading expertise in all these fields in China and reached an annual production of 80 thousand tons.

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KR WATER TREATMENT specializing in producing water treatment chemicals such as ATMP, HEDP,PBTC in China.We provide excellent quality and first-class service to our customers.


Usage of Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum is a kind of biosynthetic gum which is white or light yellow powder. It is made from starch as the main raw material. It is purified by Xanthomonas monocytogenes in specific medium, PH, oxygen amount and temperature. Fermentation, and then by refining, drying, grinding and made of polymer polysaccharide polymers.
Xanthan gum can be widely used in food, medicine, fine chemicals, agriculture, oil drilling and other fields. Compared with other plastic, xanthan gum has the following obvious advantages:
1. Outstanding high viscosity and water-soluble;
2. Unique pseudo-plastic rheological characteristics;
3. Excellent temperature, PH value of stability;
4. With acid, alkali, salt, enzymes, surfactants, preservatives, oxidants and other thickeners coexist, with stable compatibility.
5. And melon and bean gum, locust bean gum and other plastic compound, with significant synergies.
Food grade xanthan gum
Fufeng Food Grade Xanthan Gum is widely used in foods, beverages, feeds and pet foods. It can significantly improve the product's water retention and conformal ability. It can be widely used in food, drink, pet food. And freeze-thaw stability, improve the taste, to extend the shelf life of the product.
Medicine, fine chemical grade xanthan gum
Fufeng medicine, fine chemical grade xanthan gum can be used in liquid and paste pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oral care products, household detergent and lotion, can improve the state of paste, easy filling and extrusion, improve product taste , Inhibition of product stratification, is conducive to product dispersion and absorption.
Industrial grade xanthan gum
Fufeng industrial grade xanthan gum can be widely used in oil drilling, pesticides, feed, ceramics, printing and dyeing, mineral processing, paint and coatings, paper industry, thickening and stabilizing effect.
Xanthan Gum is an efficient and environment-friendly oil drilling mud additive with wide application range. It is highly resistant to temperature, PH and salt. It can significantly improve the permeability of slurry and the ability of suspended solids and reduce drilling The pressure loss in the process, and stabilize the wall, reducing the damage to the reservoir, significantly improve the drilling, workover, completion of the work efficiency.

ZORANOC OILFIELD CHEMICAL is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Xanthan gum, Corrosion inhibitor,carboxymethyl cellulose and Sodium bromide in China since 2007.We produce such as oil drilling chemicals,drilling fluids additivies,Sodium Bromide etc.

Pilbara fertiliser plant ramping up for ammonium production

A plant producing a major component of the product used in mining explosives has begun testing its systems with an eye to begin full production later this year.

The Yara fertiliser plant sits among the rocky red hills of Murujuga, also known as the Burrup Peninsula, just outside town and alongside Aboriginal rock art tens of thousands of years old.

The plant is currently in a "wet commissioning" phase.

Ammonia stored in one part of the site will be combined with other chemicals to form ammonium nitrate, used by the mining industry to create explosives.

Yara Pilbara manager Rob Stevens said a number of safeguards were in place to protect the community.

"The plant is designed according to international standards, and our management systems around it are linked to Australian standards of operating production facilities," he said.

White or grey plumes of steam will become a regular sight as evaporated water, used to cool the ammonium nitrate reaction, is released through the cooling tower.

At its full capacity, the plant is expected to produce 350,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate a year, which would be worth as much as 5 million at today's prices.

Construction jobs on the site have almost been phased out, after which it is expected there will be 65 ongoing permanent jobs.

What is the Best Organic NPK Fertilizer?

1.What is NPK?

An npk fertilizer is usually thought of as a chemical fertilizer, but npk applies to any soil amendment that supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and K, Potassium, including organic fertilizers.

The numbers are always in the same order, and refer to the percentage of each element in the fertilizer.

Plants need nitrogen for leaf growth, phosphorus for root formation, stem growth, and fruiting, and potassium for flowering and plant immunity.

An organic npk fertilizer can be slow-releasing or fast-releasing. Many have both quick-releasing labilenutrients, and more recalcitrantnutrients that break down slowly and supply a steady stream of nutrients over a longer period.

Many organic npk fertilizers need soil organisms to break them down and release their nutrients, so they release more quickly when the soil is warm and the soil food web is at its most active. This is also when you get the most rapid plant growth, and your vegetables really need it.

If youre growing cool-season vegetables, choose an organic npk fertilizer that breaks down under cooler soil temperatures. See Organic NPK Fertilizers for Cool-Season Vegetables.

Balanced Organic NPK Fertilizers

A balancedorganic npk fertilizer is one that provides nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassiumthe main macronutrients needed by plants.

If youre looking for a balanced organic npk fertilizer, your choices are generally plant-based, manure-based, or blended. Plant-based npk fertilizers include alfalfa meal, soy meal, and cottonseed meal. Note: Use only cottonseed meal from organic cotton. Conventionally grown cotton has some of the highest pesticide application rates in the country, and usually contains pesticide residues.

Worm Castings are probably the best single-constituent organic balanced npk fertilizer. They provide quick-release nutrients for early growth, as well as slower-releasing nutrients to sustain growth through the season. They also provide beneficial bacteria and fungi to help your plants assimilate these nutrients.

Alfalfa Meal is a close second. Its a balanced npk fertilizer that provides a steady release of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and some sulfur throughout the growing season, with most of it available during peak growth, when crops need it most. Its also widely available, relatively cheap, light enough to use in container gardens, and doesnt attract animals.

NPK stands for "nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium," the three nutrients that compose complete fertilizers (see below). You will encounter the letters, NPK (sometimes separated by hyphens) when reading the contents ("analysis"; see picture) printed on bags of fertilizer. The description of the fertilizer may not expressly say "NPK" (it may simply be implied), but you will at least see a series of three numbers, which correspond, respectively, to the nitrogen content, phosphorus content and potassium content of that fertilizer.

Also implied is a percentage symbol after each number, because each of the three numbers represents the percentage of that nutrient in the makeup of the fertilizer. Here is an example of how it is used in a sentence: "When I asked at the nursery what the 10-10-10 on the back of the fertilizer bag meant, they said it was the NPK number" (some call it NPK "value" or "ratio").

More info: http://sonefworld.com 

Should we apply substitute of plastic bags

Plastic bags are the best thing both for the enviornment and for cost.

Paper is the absolute worst thing for landfills: studies have shown that after 20 years paper is still clogging landfills! And paper that is burned adds huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
Reusable cloth bags sound like a great idea but unless you are a granny carrying one bag home, they are stupid: I carry 25-30 bags home from the grocery, should I buy 20 cloth bags, cloth bags made of oil-dependent, fert-rich cotton, bleached with acids, dyed with chem dyes? Or should I buy 20 bags made from oil-based synthetic fabrics, putting me in a worse place than using the cheap plastic bags? Bags that are eventually wear and wind up in landfils anyway?

Plastic bags are light, cheap, and biodegradable. And in a well engineered landfill plastic bags actually generate useable energy by decomposing quickly into recoverable methane. Some landfills (eg, Rochester, Mn) actually are able to put useable power back into the electrical grid from the methane they reclaim. The plastic is also recycleable, where plastic recycling is available.

It is enviornmentally irresponsible to use anything but the plastic bags.

AGC Low E Glass

AGC Low E Glass 

Detailed Product Description

 High transmittance low-E series:

 Product properties:

1. High visible transmittance with natural effects and elegant color

2. High solar radiation transmittance, shading coefficient (SC) >0.5

3. High reflectivity to far and medium infrared ray with low U value keeps heat radiation from passing through the glass


1. A better choice for windows, doors and curtain walls in cold climate. In winter, the solar radiation can pass through low-E glass to make the room more comfortable, and the heat radiation indoors will be reflected back for saving energy

 2. No light pollution and meets with the requirements of architecture aesthetics

 3. The more performances used in insulating glass (the coating surface in 3rd side of insulating glass)

Shading low-E series:

 Product properties:

1. Suitable visible transmittance

 2. Low solar transmittance with preventing the solar radiation from going inside, SC <0.5

 3. Excellent reflectivity to the far and medium infrared ray and low U value with keeping the heat radiation from going inside.


1. Available in north and south areas. Although in winter it limits partial of solar energy passing through the glass, but in summer it perfects more, because the energy of solar in winter is only one forth in summer on general

 2. Colorful decoration with shading effects for all kinds of buildings

3. The more performances used in insulating glass (the coating surface in 2ND side) with obvious energy efficiency Double silver low-E series: Including high transmittance type and shading type Product properties:

1. It is more complicated low-E glass which is coated by two silver metal films and has more advantages than normal low-E glass

 2. Higher visible transmittance with fine nature light effects

3. Lower shading coefficient with keeping the solar radiation from going through the glass (especially for near infrared ray)

 4. Lower U value with more efficient to prevent the heat radiation outdoors from the house in summer and keep warm indoors in winter

 Applications: It has wide applications in different areas Super low-E series: Including high transmittance type and shading type.

 Product properties:

1. It is the most complicated and advanced series of low-E glass in the world which can be produced by few companies.

 2. Because the radiation transmittance reaches to only 0.01% which is perfect technology data, it has the wide applications in many fields

About Us
KINDLY GLASS is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Glass, Float glass and Tempered glass in China.


white wooden sleigh cots supplies

All of our baby products such as popular white wooden sleigh cots are made of solid NZ pine wood. Besides, they are produced strictly according to the AS/NZS, ASTM or BS/EN Safety Standard. One dropside rail is removable, which allows easy access to convert from a baby cot to a toddler bed and a sofa. Large model is with two wooden protection sides and large underneath drawer storage. Teething protection rail is for childrens safety. Two mattress base positions, static painting and water borne painting for our popular white wooden sleigh cots mean NON-TOXIC and no smell. Qingdao Blossoming Furnishings Limited manufactures baby furniture worldwide. We have been working hard to supply our customers "High and Consistent quality" "Competitive Price" Professional Packing"Prompt Shipment” “Faultless Service.

Unique advantages of wooden brown sleigh cots

1.Can be used as a Cot Bed from birth and then converted into a sofa or junior bed suitable up to 4 years.

2.Mattress included.

3.Meet AS/NZS 2172 safety standards.

4. Two base positions to suit baby grow stage, Slat all round for improved visibility and ventilation.Two position adjustable mattress base, allowing easy access to little ones

5.Bite proof strip of silica gel,same as the pacifier

6.Fixed-side cot with durable teething rails on both sides to protect delicate teeth and gums

7. Classic sleigh design with under-bed drawer for extra storage.

8. Static painting and Water borne paint used for our baby furniture. NON-TOXIN,NON-SMELL

More information about Blossom please visit: http://www.babycotfactory.com 


How to remove eyelash extensions ?
1. Please remove your eye makeup first. Use a eye makeup remover to wipe away mascara or eyeliner. It will make easier for you to check where the eyelash extension begins and your real eyelashes ends.

2. Please steam your face. The eyelash extensions will be loosen by the hot steam. Please follow these steps:

Heat up a bowl of water in the microwave. Let it get hot enough to produce steam.
Hold your face over the bowl and drape a towel over your heat, to trap the steam around your face.
Steam your face for about ten minutes.
3. Wet a cotton ball with olive oil. Wipe it on your eyelashes, you should take care and not to get any in your eyes. Continue gently wiping your lashes with oil, the eyelash extensions will begin to fall off.

4. Rinse your eyelashes. Wash away the oil with warm water.

More info:

The introduction of cutter dredger

Below is the introduction of cutter suction dredger:
The cutter suction dredger can't separate the running, it need the tugboat towing to dredging area, then posit the dredging point by the positioning system, before dredging and after completing the layout of the discharging pipeline and other works, confirm the cutter location and the dredging depth according to positioning system, then begin excavating. Through the working of the reamer rubbing the silt ground,the mud will be discharged to the designate area through the pipe.
After determining the dredging location, there is another work making sure the drop anchor sequence according to the flow situation. Generally, drop the upper anchor at first: transfer the cutter onto the dredging line, put down the cutter to the river bottom for fixation dredger. The operation staff should grasp the anchor dropping position, the angle is about 45 degree from the anchor cable to the front of dredger, but not less than 45 degree as better. After determine the location, immediately drop the anchor, the cutter can be lift up when the anchor ready.

There are three dredging methods for the cutter suction dredger
1, dredging in section, divide the river into several parts, each part is probably about 80-100 meters.

2, dredging in layer. according to the situation of mud layer, dredging to suit for the cutter working ability.
3,  dredging by the cutter. The thick of cutter is about 0.3-1.0 meters, each layer can dredging in 2-4 cutter.

Above is the introduction of cutter suction dredger, more information please visit: http://sinokingmachinery.com 


The PVC Ceiling Panels can be used on bathroom, kitchen or room of the house to give you that clean fresh look and help where moisture is a problem or rooms with poor or little ventilation is present.

It is quick and easy to install, wipes clean in seconds and is the ideal partner for the all our waterproof wall panelling products.

High environmental protection, no pollution, no hazardousness, recycling. The material is free of benzene, lead and other hazardous, meeting the national standards and international levels. It will be your best choice.

About Us
We are a group company,we have Rubber sheet factory,wholesale Rubber sheet worldwide,professional manufacturer and supplier of Rubber sheet, Conveyor belt and PTFE sheetin China.


Property: FNG waterproof silica gel is white or gray microporous particle, which is insoluble in water or inorganic acid, and its main component is mmSiO2.nH2O, classified into bulk and sphere. The product is a kind of silica gel processed from powder; apart from adsorptive property like ordinary silica gel, it has advantages including good water resistance, low broken rate and long service life.

Function: the product is mainly used for drying air during air separation process, adsorbing acetylene, compressing air and drying various industrial gases during preparation process of liquid air and liquid oxygen, acts as liquid adsorbent and catalyst support in the petrochemical engineering, electric utility, brew and other industries, as well as serves as water purification during water treatment.

Physico-chemical property: soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated caustic solution, with high mechanical strength.


Adsorption %RH20%:

Bulk density g/l:

Heating loss:

None-bursting rate with water:

Qualified rate of granularity:


1.According to structure, the waterproof silica gel can be classified into FNG-A type (pore) and FNG-C type (gross porosity)

2.According to granularity, the waterproof silica gel can be classified into 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 2-5mm, 4-8mm, 6-8mm, 8-10mm, 8-12mm, etc.

Package: FNG-C type for 20 kg (FNG-A type for 25 kg)/compound bag or fiber can (lined polythene film bag) or customized.

Precautions for use:

1. Before use, don't open the package so as to prevent moisture absorption, thus effect the using effect.

2. After using the product for a certain period, the adsorptive property will decrease gradually, at this time, regeneration and desorption of moisture absorbed shall be done to be reused in renewable gases.

3. Pay attention to moisture proof, sun block, and water proof during storage, as well as try to avoid package damage to affect the absorption effect.

About Us
JL Industrial Chemicals is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Molecular Sieve, Sodium Alginate,Activated Alumina in China.We provide Molecular Sieve 3A,4A,3-5MM Activated Alumina,Calcium Alginate etc..


How To Care For Eyelash Extensions

1. Sleep on your back,This might sound like a crazy request (unless you already sleep on your back), but it's really important directly following your application, since the glue takes a while to dry fully and you'll otherwise get weird kinks. After a night or two, resume your normal sleeping position.

2. Give your lashes a littleok, a lotof TLC.When removing your eye makeup (liner, shadow, etc.), gently go over the area with a cleansing wipe instead of placing cotton pads or puffs over your lidsnot only could you eventually weaken the extensions and mess them up, the cotton fibers get stuck on lashes. (Not cute).

3. Lube them up.You might think keeping your lash extensions dry is smart, but they actually stay nicer, longer, when they're oiled up (this helps keep them flexible)

4. Comb them out. To prevent any criss-crossing or wonky-looking lashes, use a spoolie wand. Close one eye, place the spoolie on top of your lashes, then roll the brush over lashes to keep them defined.

5. Resist playing with them.Your eyelashes shed naturally, so when you have extensions, this will help push them off. If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it offyou'll risk losing your natural lashes. Let them come out on their own, and use a spoolie to brush them back into place in the meantime.

Qingdao EMEDA Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd is a professional supplier which specialized in eyelashes products for nearly 10 years, human hair products for nearly 15 years,is recognized as one of the best quality Eyelash Extensions, mink eyelashes,false eyelashes,bottom eyelashes /under eyelashes,fox eyelashes,lace eyelashes,colored eyelashes,mink eyelash extensions,3d lashes,horse eyelashes,human hair eyelashes,feather eyelashes,false eyelashes for japanese market,synthetic hair eyelashes,paper eyelashesand and false eyelashes manufacturer and supplier in this field.

3d silk false strip lashes angel wing,3D Korea silk lashes,3D faux mink false lashes

3D silk false strip lashes-angle wing:
    Our RS series lashes, Korean 0.07mm soft silk fiber, multi-layer, most volume styles;
3D Korean silk false lashes:
     Our KS series lashes, Korean 0.10mm soft silk fiber,multi-layer, best styles!
3D faux mink fake strip lashes:
      Our VS series lashes, Korean 0.07mm faux mink fiber, soft as mink hair, multi-layer , volume.

About Us
Qingdao Hairbeauty Arts & Crafts Co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Mink eyelashes, mink eyelash extensions and Mink strip lashes in China. Feel free to contact us!

With more than 10 years' manufacturing experiences, we have exported all kinds of eyelashes to Europe, USA, Korea, Australia, Canada, etc. We can supply the high-quality lashes with lowest prices to wholesalers around the world. As to the styles, we mainly supply mink eyelash extension real mink fur eyelash extension,3d eyelash extensions,luxury mink fur eyelashes, 3d mink fur eyelashes , Horse hair lashes, fox fur eyelashes, human hair eyelashes ,handmade false eyelashes,and individual eyelashes like flare eyelashes, Y-lashes and W-lashes. These lashes can be packaged with your own private logo and brand name. We also can duplicate the lashes based on your samples. We sincerely hope to serve all the customers who are interested in our lash products.

we offer OEM and ODM service to clients, have designed over 100 special package for different kinds of eyelash. Our package of real mink fur eyelash is most high quality .

Our official website: http://www.luxuryminkeyelashes.com

Contact the manufacturers when you want to purchase polyacrylamide

Our companys product line covers a full range of products from acrylamide to polyacrylamide. The production ability with single specification can be more than 10,000 tons. The leading products: acrylamide crystal, all kinds of acrylamide aqueous solution with proportions of 50% and below, high molecular weight, high viscosity anionic and nonionic polyacrylamide, special polymer oil displacement agent for oilfield, special water shutoff profile control agent, a full range of middle and low molecular weight polyacrylamide for industrial and living sewage treatment etc. my Skype:frank99886600 At present, the companys product line with an annual output of 48000 tons of 30-40% acrylamide water solution is under full load operation; The product line with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of acrylamide crystal and that with an annual output of 10000 tons polyacrylamide are both put into production. The Phase 2 Project of the product line with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons polyacrylamide is under construction.

Our company adheres to the management philosophy of treat property fairly like water, be upright and honest like scalesand adheres to the operational tenet of only having sincere cooperation can bring manual benefit. my Skype:frank99886600  We have built a platform by excellent corporate culture and advanced business philosophy for the cooperating of the clients, employees and the partner of the same industry. We will follow the "people-oriented" principle, insisting on reforming and innovating and relying on the scientific and technological progress and scientific management and strive to build a modern enterprise with a flexible operational system and scientific management system, comprehensive competitiveness and famous service brand in a relatively short period.

Our company has won the honorary titles such as "Dongying Citys units of satisfying consumers", Dongying Citys enterprises abiding the contract and attaching great importance to credit, "Dongying Citys scientific and technological enterprises", Provincial Key enterprises of electronic commerce", A member of the provincial federation of industry and commerce, National high and new technological enterprisesand so on in succession.my Skype:frank99886600

Our official website: http://www.chinafloc.com 

Energy Bankruptcies: We’ve only Seen a Third of Them

Depressed oil prices that are unable to support heavy debt loads have pushed 90 oil and gas companies into Chapter 11 since the beginning to of 2015, according to the Haynes and Boone Bankruptcy Monitor. These companies have approximately .5 billion in total defaulted debt.

The oilfield service sector has also been feeling the squeeze of lower prices, with 80 service companies declaring bankruptcy with a total debt default of .5 billion. As recently as August 24, Key Energy Services filed for bankruptcy, with a plan that would make private-equity firm Platinum Equity LLC its largest shareholder.

A lot of operators have learned to adapt. They are surviving in todays mid-s pricing conditions.

Completion techniques and new technologies that were developed when oil was and 0 a barrel in the 2011-early 2014 era have been further refined, and oil companies are using them to make production economic at per barrel in some parts of the U.S. But that may not be enough to stop further bankruptcies in the sector in the next year or two, according to some experts.

Oil & Gas 360® spoke with Haynes and Boone Partner Patrick Hughes about the challenges facing companies filing for Chapter 11. When asked how many more companies might go into bankruptcy at oil, Hughes indicated that analysts with whom he had spoken thought the industry was only one-third of the way through the bankruptcy cycle.

Much in the way the oil and gas industry itself has changed since the last downcycle, the financial system around it has transformed over the last 30 years. Deals are made at a much faster pace, and private equity players with access to huge amounts of capital offer a new wellspring of funding for new management teams to drill and develop resources.

I dont think its going to be [like it was in the 80s], in part because we have liquidity that never existed back then,said Hughes. The sophistication level of the lenders and of the equity sponsors and participants is so much higher than it was back then, that the system is able to work faster, which I think is a good thing. But, like most systems, its not perfect.

Companies have an intense desire to move through the process quickly

The whole goal of a bankruptcy filing is to fix the companys balance sheet, capital structure, and to give it a plan to continue operations. Sometimes, however, companies move through the bankruptcy process quickly to get back to their regular business, and issues are not addressed properly.

These cases are outliers,said Hughes, but theres an intense desire to minimize the friction of the process, and theres a perception that, the longer youre in the process, the more likely you are to have friction and additional expense, and potentially litigation.

About Us

LEAD OILFIELD SOLUTIONS COMPANY is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Pour point depressant, Corrosion inhibitor,Demulsifier and Sodium bromide in China since 2007.We produce such as oil drilling chemicals,drilling fluids additivies,Sodium Bromide etc.

More info pls visit: http://www.sloilfield.com 

How to chose a best supplier of Heat Shrinkable Sleeves in China

     Heat shrinkable sleeves is popular anti-corrosion material for oil and gas pipeline.There are many heat shrinkable sleeves suppliers in the world,also in China.Some clients have not arrived China to chose a best supplier of heat shrinkable sleeve,they just know a company from internet.So it is very difficult to chose a suitable China heat shrinkable sleeves supplier.Even some client were cheated by some bad China heat shrinkable sleeves company,such as supply very poor quality heat shrinkable sleeves and refuse refund.Tongjin will tell the true situation of heat shrinkable sleeves in China so that client will make a wise decision.
     Everyone know that chinese goods is cheap,and someone assume that chinese goods must be poor quality.In fact, some of china supplier can provide products that belong to high quality and suitable price.So it is better to our clients to chose this supplier rather than the cheapest one.you must understand that nothing for nothing and every little for a halfpenny.So some client were cheated by some poor quality supplier of heat shrinkable sleeves just because they were so greedy to get more profit. There are some suppliers in China who supply heat shrinkable sleeve belong to poor quality but very cheap one.They mainly distribute in Shandong,Heibei.Jining City,Cangzhou City,Qingdao City is the main origin.They just use the reclaimed materials to manufacture heat shrink sleeves, so the quality is just poor,we call this product rubbish.We warn our clients to refuse to cooperate with these suppliers,or they will suffer a loss.
     Tongjin will do our better to supplier good quality and suitable price heat shrink sleeve to our client.Quality is our life.
     For more details please send me Email: jimmy@heatshrinkfactory.com