Cold Applied Tape China Good Supplier

Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.Cold applied tape is a good performance anti-corrosion tape with cheap price.

Tongjin is a cold applied tape manufacture and supplier in China.Our cold applied tape is made up of polyethylene or polypropylene backing,butyl rubber adhesive and isolation film,polyethylene cold applied tape and Polypropylene cold applied tape is also used for pipeline corrosion protection.PP cold applied tape is good at shock strength and abrasion performance.PE cold applied tape is good at sealing and flexibility.So the two types of cold applied tape are suitable for different situation.

Welcome to our company to cooperate for our cold applied tape products.We trust that our cold applied tape is one of the best in China.Tongjin also is a supplier with best credibility and integrity,We want to seek a good future with our clients.

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About Eames chair

Let's start with a couple of $ 5 US Jianlou story before we begin to understand Eames chair.
Fox said the US Colorado a couple with $ 5 received an old wooden chair, after playing video games to take home to use as a special chair. Donated this year wanted to take, but then unexpectedly by adequate guidance, notice that this is a chair by the American designer couple Charles and Ray Eames designed the American furniture company Herman Miller (Herman Miller) in 1946--47 years manufacturing antique Eames chairs, valued at $ 15 million.

About Eames chair
Charles Ames (Charles 1907-1978), American designer. Its quite creative chair series is known for, such chairs are made of aluminum tubes and molded plywood.
American furniture designed by Charles Eames (1907-1978) and Eero Saarinen (1910-1961) and the sudden emergence of creative works, their co-chair of the award-winning design in 1940, the chair's backrest, base and handrail is made by a bent plywood curved multilayer made.

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What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are a popular new product that lengthens and thickens your own natural lashes. They are single strands
of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural lash. They are applied to each individual eyelash with a specially
designed bonding agent for a natural, beautiful and luscious look.

Eyelash Extensions are perfect for that special occasion
or for day-to-day wear.They are virtually weightless and will not damage your natural lash so you can choos to wear them permanately.

Qingdao EMEDA Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd is a professional supplier which specialized in eyelashes products for nearly 10 years, human hair products for nearly 15 years,is recognized as one of the best quality Eyelash Extensions, mink eyelashes,false eyelashes,bottom eyelashes /under eyelashes,fox eyelashes,lace eyelashes,colored eyelashes,mink eyelash extensions,3d lashes,horse eyelashes,human hair eyelashes,feather eyelashes,false eyelashes for japanese market,synthetic hair eyelashes,paper eyelashesand and false eyelashes manufacturer and supplier in this field.

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How to choose PAM type in water treatment area?

We are the manufacturer which focus on polyacrylamide almost decade, we are TOP5 PAM exporter in China.

How to choose the PAM type in water treatment industry? We will give you a brief guide.

Waste water treatment using polyacrylamide before importing to determine the optimal dosage through experiments, the amount is too low, does not work, the amount is too high, but counterproductive. This is because more than a certain concentration, PAM only afford flocculation, but a stabilizing effect as a dispersant. In the choice of polyacrylamide models, from the following aspects to solve all the problems:

1, sewage sludge is the inevitable outcome, first of all we should understand the source of the sludge, nature, composition and solid content. According to different main ingredients contained in the sludge, the sludge can be divided into organic sludge and inorganic sludge. Generally cationic polyacrylamide for treatment of organic sludge, anionic polyacrylamide for treatment of inorganic sludge, highly alkaline when cationic polyacrylamide is not easy, but should not use strong acidic anionic polyacrylamide, sewage mud high solids usually larger amount of polyacrylamide. In the case of sewage flocculants and cationic polyacrylamide as sludge dewatering agent selection.

2, imports of polyacrylamide ion selection: for the dewatered sludge to be used different ionic flocculants degree screening experiments carried out by a small, select the best suitable polyacrylamide flocculant so that is can achieve the best effect , but also allows dosing the least amount of cost savings. Selected ions degrees key to see (1) the size of the floc (2) the size of the floc strength (moisture) floc: floc is too small will affect the drainage rate, floc floc bound much more water will be reduced mud biscuits. By selecting the molecular weight polyacrylamide floc size can be adjusted. Floc strength: floc under shear should remain stable without breaking. Increase the molecular weight polyacrylamide or select the appropriate molecular structure helps improve floc stability.

3, mixed with sludge PAM: PAM and sludge adequate response must occur in a position flocculation dewatering equipment. To this end, PAM solution viscosity must appropriate the existing equipment conditions thoroughly mixed with the sludge, a mixture of both uniform whether is a critical success factor. Its molecular weight polyacrylamide solution viscosity and formulation concentration.

4, polyacrylamide dissolved: dissolve well in order to send full flocculation. Sometimes need to speed up the dissolution rate, this case could be considered to increase the concentration of polyacrylamide solution.

If you have any interesting or question, just contact with us, our engieneer will give you better suggestion as you known.

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Supply and Demand of Oil

According to the Energy Information Administrations Monthly Energy Review database, world field production of crude oil in September was up 1.5 million barrels a day over the previous year. More than all of that came from a 440,000 b/d increase in the U.S., 550,000 b/d from Saudi Arabia, and 900,000 b/d from Iraq. If it had not been for the increased oil production from these three countries, world oil production would actually have been down almost 400,000 b/d over the last year.

But the U.S. situation will be very different in 2016. The number of active U.S. oil rigs today is about a third of the levels reached in 2014. JODIs separate database estimates that U.S. oil production was already down year-over-year by October 2015. And the EIAs drilling productivity model estimates that production from the U.S. counties associated with the tight oil boom will have fallen another 500,000 b/d from the September values by the end of next month.

Still, it is hard to see prices increasing until U.S. inventories begin to come down. The much-discussed increase from Saudi Arabia only puts the kingdoms oil production back to where it had been in August 2013. Its worth noting that also leaves Saudi exports of crude oil significantly below their recent peak. One important factor in the increased Saudi crude production since last year was the need to supply its greatly expanded refinery capacity. As a result, Saudi Arabia is now exporting more refined products in place of crude oil. The big story up to this point has been Iraq. The country continues to log impressive increases in production despite ongoing turmoil in the region. And next up will be Iran, whose production has been depressed as a result of international sanctions that are now being lifted. Iran intends to increase oil exports by 500,000 b/d right away, in addition to the 30 million barrels Iran has stored in oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. Even so, theres clearly more than just new oil supplies from the Middle East influencing the market. Since I last updated these calculations in September, the dollar has appreciated 3% against our major trading partners, and the price of copper has fallen 16%. Based on a weekly historical regression of oil prices on these variables along with the 10-year Treasury yield, we would have predicted a 10% drop in the price of WTI from /barrel in .50 today on the basis of changes in the exchange rate, copper price, and interest rates since September, explaining about a third of the drop in oil prices since September from international factors that are not unique to oil markets. Bob Barbera discussed the role of slowing world GDP growth as one of those factors. His graph below shows that the observed slowdown in world GDP since 2010 (shown in red in the graph below) could easily account for much of the drop in commodity prices through 2014 (in green). Barbera speculates on the basis of the numbers for Chinese rail shipments and electricity production that the true Chinese GDP growth for 2015 may have been significantly below the countrys official target of 7%. The dashed red line in the graph below is Barberas what-ifcalculation supposing we impute 2.5% real GDP growth to China instead of the 6.8% number that IMF is estimating that we will see in Chinas official numbers for 2015, an exercise that could explain much of the drop in general commodity prices through last year. The 44% drop in Chinese stock prices since last summer suggests that this kind of what-if calculation should be taken seriously. If Iranian production is about to surge, Iraqi production remains high, and the Chinese economy is stumbling, that can only mean that even bigger drops in U.S. oil production are inevitable.

About L.E.A.D.

LEAD OILFIELD SOLUTIONS COMPANY is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Polyacrylate, Corrosion inhibitor, Demulsifier in China. We offer stimulation service and chemicals, acid fracturing engineering. We produce such as clay inhibitor, encapsulated gel breaker, defoameretc. Please visit the company's website at www.sloilfield.com. Connect with L.E.A.D. onGoogle+, and LinkedIn.


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JCD Cuplock Scaffolding

JCD supply high quality scaffolding for any sized project, for both domestic and commercial projects. Our scaffolding is crafted from strong aluminium and steel and is not only durable but safe. We can erect our scaffolding at your convenience.
Cuplock System is one of the most popular used scaffolding system in the world .It is consisted of cuplock,vertical,ledger,limit pins,blades and base etc.
We supply the following:
1. Strong Welded Drop Forged CupLock Scaffolding
2. Cuplock System Scaffolding Accessories
3. CupLock Scaffolding Horizonal Diagonal Braces
4. CupLock Scaffolding Diagonal Braces
5. CupLock Scaffolding Ledger
6. CupLock Scaffolding Standard
7. Hot Dipped Galvanized Cuplock Scaffolding System
8. JCD Cuplock Scaffolding Parts

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Amed and the CO2 regulator

Durable and stable CO2 regulator set your mind at rest, you only just concern about the draft beer and soft drinks production

CO2 regulator PR-1W

With interal relief valve
This make sure the beverage dispensing systems compressed gas at variable flow and constant pressure. 

Safety design
The non-removable adjusting screw is designed so that when it is turned all the way in the maximum downstream delivery pressure will not exceed 60 PSIG.

Standard control for quality
Every regulator is subject to four separate quality tests before shipping, ensuring that the product you receive is the best in the industry.

Features & Benefits
Applicable gas CO2
Kg/cm2 input pressure 150
Kg/cm2 outlet pressure. 1.5
M3/h rate of flow 5
Inlet connection: G5/8 or to order
Outlet connection M12*1 or to order

Contact Us
Qingdao Amed Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd
Head office Adress :Room 1408,Sheng he #2 building, No.58 shan dong tou road, Lao shan district, Qingdao, China
Email :support@amedrefrigeration.com
Tel :0086-532-81920511
Fax: 0086-532-81920500

Low-Carbohydate Foods

Many middle-aged people will appear the phenomenon of fat, blood lipid will rise, the influence is healthy.Can often eat to fall fat food:

Peanuts: plant sterol beat cholesterol

Peanuts are rich in plant sterols, that can compete with cholesterol to produce effect, thereby inhibit the absorption of human body of cholesterol, reduce blood cholesterol levels.Peanuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, choline, lecithin, such as nutrition, can raise the body's cholesterol into bile acid excretion.Walnuts, sesame seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, is also very suitable for dyslipidemia.

Gram bud: cholesterol out

Mung bean itself is a kind of very good cholesterol food, while in the process of its germination, the content of vitamin C can achieve mung bean of the original six or seven times over.A large number of vitamin C can promote cholesterol excretion, prevent its in the artery wall deposits.Mungbean sprout of dietary fiber, which can be combined with the cholesterol in the food, and transformed into bile acid eduction body outside, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.

Apple: absorbs excess cholesterol

Apple is often easy to ignore the "lipid-lowering fruit", it contains pectin, is a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, can combine with bile acid, like a sponge absorbing excess cholesterol and triglycerides, and help them out of the body.Pectin can also with other cholesterol-lowering substance, such as vitamin C, fructose together, thereby enhancing cholesterol-lowering effect.In addition, apple decomposition of acetic acid and conducive to cholesterol and triglyceride catabolism.

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How to Make a Chile Pepper Pinata?

A chili pepper pinata will add the perfect touch to your festivities, especially if there are children invited. This chili pepper pinata is very easy to make and if you are running out of time, get the kids' help completing this addition to your party decor. They will enjoy making it as well as the main attraction of breaking it.
Before the operation, you may need: 2 standard-sized poster boards Red tissue paper Green tissue paper Masking tape Heavy cardboard Scissors Pencil Compass Craft glue Ruler Nail Fishing line

1.Draw a 22-inch half circle on each piece of poster board. Cut out the half circles.
2Roll one poster board half circle into a cone. Overlap and tighten the cone until it is the size you want. Tape the seam with masking tape to hold.

3.Tape and roll the other poster board half circle around the first to give the pinata more firmness.

4.Set the open end of the chili pepper pinata cone on top of the heavy cardboard. Trace around the circle with a marker.

5.Measure approximately two inches outside the drawn circle and cut the cardboard out. Make snips in the edge, to the drawn inner circle, half an inch apart. Bend these snips to one side of the circle to create a cap for the chili pepper pinata.

6.Poke two holes in the center of the circle about half an inch apart using a nail. Thread fishing line through the holes and knot to make a hanger.

7.Cut a piece of heavy cardboard two inches tall by four inches wide. Bend the four inch length into four equal one inch folds. Fold the cardboard into a box with four sides. Tape the two ends together using the masking tape.

8.Place the folded box on top of the chili pepper cap, for the stem, over the poked holes. Pull the fishing line hanger out one open end of the stem. Tape the other end securely to the cap.

9.Cut a flap in the cardboard beside the stem. This is where you will fill the finished chili pepper pinata with candy.

10.Place the cardboard cap over the opening of the poster board cone. Tape the clipped edges of the cap securely to the cone.

11.Cover the cone with several layers of red tissue paper. Glue to secure.

12.Cut strips of tissue paper two inches wide. Cut a 1/4-inch fringe on one side of the strips to within a 1/4 inch on the opposite long side.

13.Apply glue to the uncut long edge of the strips and begin winding and overlapping around the Chile pepper pinata cone, starting at the bottom point. Continue gluing and winding to the top edge of the Chile pepper cone.

14.Cover the cap and stem of the chili pepper pinata with several layers of green tissue paper. Glue to secure.

15.Cut two-inch strips of green tissue paper and fringe the same as the red strips.

16.Wind and glue the green strips around the base of the stem, to the edge of the chili pepper cap and over and down the edge two inches.

17.Slit through the tissue paper on the cap where the flap was cut for filling the pinata. Fold the flap back, fill with candy and close the flap. Attach a rope to the fishing line to hang from a tree.

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News from Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited

We finished the design of our 2016 new catalog for our party rental chairs,

our new catalog including our great advantaged chairs.

Especially including wooden chiavari chairs, wooden castle chairs,

wooden napoleon chairs, and kinds of pc chairs, so beautiful designs and pretty wedding chairs.

All the designs of our rental chairs from Ken Tan from Qingdao Blossom.

You will get free E-catalog once you send us one enquiry from the website or e-mail.  

Also we will send our new 2016 catalogs to our old customers and new customers.

Please kindly study our catalog and give us some comments.

Our official website: http://www.blossomfurnishings.com 

Hair extensions for short hair

Growing your hair out, especially from short hair, can take years. With hair extensions, you can have the long hair you want without the wait. For women suffering from hair loss, hair extensions can be a beacon of light. Not only can hair extensions lengthen your hair, but they also can be used to fill in balding areas and give your hair a more natural, thicker appearance.
Hair extensions are done using different methods like Braid Weaves, Mega Tips or Micro Linking / bounding. Some used as serious extensions for long keeping and some for fun and a night out! Regardless of the method or intention, always make sure your extensions are done by a professional. Although when done correctly, hair extensions are safe and won't damage your hair or scalp, if done incorrectly, both scalp and hair damage can occur.

For Short Hair

Here are few advices by King of Hair Extension Jesse Briggs for doing Extension on shorter hair:

You can have Extension on short hair if you hair on sides are 2" long when straight. You may bond hair in 1/4" strands of hair to look natural. For example: Great Lengths has 25 strains per bundle and those can be cut and bonded to hair on sides in 1/4" strands, so that's 100 small strands to look natural per bundle.
Most heads take 5 to 7 bundles to really look natural and you may have short bob or shoulder length or mid back to waist, but if you have a very short hair then your best choice would be just above shoulder until hair grows longer.
Choose a top experience extension expert for a one-to-one consultation to be sure you feel comfortable for the investment of your new look.
The extension should last for at-least 5 months when installed correctly by an extension-stylist.
Extensions require care and maintenance and you must follow all steps and guidelines provided by your extension-stylist. Otherwise bonds become weak and hair will slip and start to shed prematurely.
You can blend colors to create a unique and natural look - For example you can blend two colors of dark brown and black "called multi blending" to make the final look natural.
How to achieve short to long hair instantly with our hair extensions for short hair: You’ll need a PRO hair stylist to apply your hair. Meaning someone who is certified to put in tape-in hair extensions, specifically. This will ensure that your hair is installed properly and all of the steps are followed correctly so that your extensions won’t slip. A PRO will install hair for short to long hair instantly, and will ensure that your hair stays healthy and increase the span of wear time. You’ll need 1 hour. At least two packs of Glam Seamless tape-in hair extensions and a rat-tail comb. You’ll need at least three to four inches of your own natural hair to cover tape and create the seamless natural look. We think tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for short hair because the hair extensions are sandwiched around the hair and in rows underneath the natural hair. This creates the seamless Glam look for short to long hair instantly.

Blending hair extensions for short hair: This is the most important part! You’ll need a PRO to blend your hair extensions for short hair. Note that the shorter your hair is the more difficult it will be to blend the hair, especially when installing hair much longer than your natural hair. This is why you need to mix hair lengths-short AND long hair extensions. After installing hair you will notice where the natural hair and the extensions meet. This will be more noticeable especially if your hair is blunt at the ends. Texturizing or thinning out the top layer of your own hair will help in blending your natural hair with hair extensions for short hair. This will disguise where your natural hair and extension meet. For best results with short to long hair instantly look, have a PRO cut some layers into your extensions and do a FACE FRAME. Note that the more hair extensions you have to work with the better. You will need 150 – 200 grams of hair for layers to look full and natural. Curling and straightening should be done together. By styling your hair and extensions together you will create a natural blend. After thinning natural hair and adding layers to hair extensions for short hair, you are almost ready to rock your short to long hair instantly.
How to Maintain Your ‘Short to long hair Instantly’ Look: You will need a shine spray, a dry shampoo, extension brush, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioning repair mask. If you like to style your hair often, like we do, the following instructions will be beneficial to you and increase the lifespan of your hair extensions for short hair.

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Beer keg cooler

Amed refrigeration is a professional manufacturer of Beverage cooler, beer dispenser, beer fridge etc.

Beer keg cooler summary: Stable and continuous beer dispensing system, it is popular used in home or some bar& restaurant.

About Amed

Qingdao Amed commercial refrigeration equipment company limited is a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturer, located in Qingdao city of China, which is one of the best sea-view tourist city, where the Olympic Sailing Game was hold in 2008.

Amed company was established by Doctor Liu in 1994, who is the refrigeration major professor in Qingdao University. In the last 20 years, we only focused on the commercial refrigeration equipment research and development. So nowadays, Amed is a important player in refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China.

In 2013,our factory have 150,000 sets production capacity with 6 main refrigeration production line to satisfy customer requirement and the total staff number is more than 300 person.
Amed refrigeration production line
Ø Beverage cooler
Ø Beer dispenser
Ø Supermarket refrigeration
Ø Convenience store refrigeration
Ø Ice cream freezer
Ø Gelato & Pastry showcase

Amed always takes customer demands as orientation, and develops energy saving products and comprehensive service solutions for our customer Coca-cola, Pepsi, Sabmiller, Heneiken, Qingdao beer, Tiger beer, Nestle, Carrefour, Vanguard supermarket, 7-11, Family mart, Dan sweet cake, etc.

Excellent merchandising visibility, high quality of Amed is committed to be one of the best choice refrigeration solutions for you.
Our official website: http://amedrefrigeration.com