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Longwin Unisteel Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, Through 10 years' development, the company has become one of the big supplier of steel pipe , steel fittings, seel coils, steel plates and  PREPAINTED GALVANIZED STEEL COILS with an annual  capacity of 500,000. t.  In the past years, Our products have been supplied to 22 provinces and municipalities in China and more than 10 foreign countries such as Belgium, USA, Papua New Guinea, Algeria, chile, Brasil,Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam and Singapore etc and have gained favorable remarks both at home and abroad.

Our steel pipe Production facilities of the company at present include four SSAW pipe production lines (Φ529、Φ720、Φ1626、Φ2032、Φ2540) and one ERW 25pipe production line which are capable to produce and supply 200,000 tons/year of spiral submerged arc welded pipe with a diameters range of Φ219-Φ2540mm and a wall thickness range of 6-25.4mm, and 300,000t/year of ERW pipe with a diameter range of Φ219-Φ630mm and a wall thickness range of 4-20mm, and the steel grades of our products is up to X80/N80. Updated and world advanced technology and production/test equipment for the production of spiral weld pipe and ERW pipe were introduced. We imported full line spiral weld pipe production technology and some major equipment from Germany and integrated the most modern technology and equipment in the ERW25line including the full line technology from Korea/USA, and the major equipment from USA, Korea, Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan and China. The products are mainly used for oil and gas transmission and casing as well as for other purposes. The production and test of our products strictly follow the requirements of relevant ISO, API and other international and national standards as well as customersspecial requirements. The company is ISO 9001-2000, API Spec.Q1, ISO/TS- 29001, API Spec.5 L, API Spec.5CT , Saudi Aramco certified. Our company takes quality, in-time delivery and after-sale service as well as good faith as the first priorities and keeps its production technology in pace with the world advanced level to meet the most strict requirements of the updated products specifications and the special requirements of customers.

Concerning fittings,there are first- class manufacturing equipment for pipe fitings and pressure vessels,and more than 200 pcs ( sets) inspection equipment . Our mail product are elbow, tee, bend, reducer, cap and flange.  It cover all sizes, materials and types of fitings and vessels.Especiallyfor high-performance and large diameter cladding and special material products. At the same time, we have the capacity to supply comprehensive products to large-scal projects. Our factory do inspection for the whole process from raw materials, production and processing,and products leaving the factory, to insure 100% production pass rate,which guarantees the product quality effectively.Our product apply in nuclear power plant, power plant, oil, chemical engineering, oil and gas delivery, textile, paper making and other industries.

Compared with traditional brick and steel-concrete composite structure, color coated steel plate as a new type of building material has good practical performance, such as excellent decoration, forming, corrosion resistance, land saving. And it is also characterized by its economic efficiency, such as recyclability.transferability, and fast construction. Today, color coated steel plate has become the ideal building material because of its good performances, and being widely used in public buildings, industrial plant construction and other fields.

The most prestige bedding and table cloth manufacturers & fatory china– Qingdao Rosy Future Home Textile

We are a family owned textile manufacturer, providing top quality bed linen,comforters,comforter sets,quilts,quilt sets,table wears,curtains,microfiber fabric,cotton fabric,cushions and other related supplies for household use and hospitality industry

Our products
Bedding (bed linen)
Bedding (bed linen) is the main and the most regular item of our company. As one of our specials, this item covers a wide range of products, like, 3-piece sheet set, 4-piece sheet set, comforters, comforter sets, quilts, quilt sets and other stuff like these. The bedding products are made of either polyester  in different weight of GSM or cotton in various construction and density. There are thousands of design selections for you to pick. Surely we as well go with customized artwork to have your goods tailor made. With the bedding of Qingdao Rosy Future Home Textile Co.,Ltd, were gonna make your home a ROSY FUTURE!
Table wear for hospitality
Table wear for household use
Fabric for bed linen(fashion bedding)
Cushion(cushion cover)

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Email: rosymaggie@163.com
Telephone: +86-15192670677


China rubber floor manufacturers and factory – Udine Rubber Plastic

Qingdao Udine Rubber Plastic Co. Ltd is a professional supplier that is concerned with the professional design, abundant production of rubber mat and artificial grass, we have rubber mat for gym, rubber mat for underlay and rubber mat for animals such like cattle, sheep and horse, we also have artificial grass for sports, covering football, hockey, tennis, lawn bowling, basketball and handball etc, artificial grass for landscaping, and artificial grass for golf. We are located in Qingdao, which is between Beijing and Shanghai, one hour away from Beijing and Shanghai by air, All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Our main objectives are to provide our customers worldwide with the highest quality, competitive price, satisfied delivery and excellent services. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

TEAMWORK is what Udine exists by! Everybody in Udine family is an indispensable member; Every member has a story along with the growth of Udine family. 'SHARE' is one of the key-words in Udine teamwork. 'DOING BEST' is what every member aims at!

With the vision of supplying the world first-class products, first-class service and first-class brand for all people happy to enjoy, Udine people will work harder to serve our customers with all our hearts in the future!

We welcome you to visit our showroom and factory. We are looking forward to establish business relation with you. For further information, please contact us for further details.

Diesel Performance Improvement Solution

Improvement solution of diesel  cetane technology: when the cetane number of diesel is too low, it will cause some bad influences,such as: diesel engine starts slowly or can't be started,the ignition performance of engines is bad or can not be inefficiently burned to generate the emissions of a large number of CO and hydrocarbons, which are ways of wasting fuel and losing power .In view of improving the diesels quality and protecting the environment, the cetane improver can improve the cetane number and cetane index of diesel greatly .it can also change the ignition performance,reduce the exhaust emissions of the diesel vehicle ,add dynamic performance,save fuel, and improve the diesels storage life.

Improvement solution of diesels low temperature fluidity: we can make different diesel fluidity improvers according to different kinds of diesels. They are helpful to increase the diesels yield and save the kerosenes usage amount ,so they improve the production flexibility and economic benefits of the refinery.

Improvement solution of low sulfur diesel lubricity: As the request to diesel quality is higher and higher because of the environmental protection , the sulfur content in diesel oil was strictly controlled. But the lubricity of low sulfur diesel fuel becomes poor, and it is easy to make the engine abraded . Our diesel anti-wear agent added into the low sulfur diesel , can effectively improve the lubricity of diesel fuel to reach the requirement of improving diesels quality and abrasion resistance .

Successful Application:
Sinopec Hainan refining &chemical co., Ltd.
Sinopec Cangzhou branch company
Sinopec Shi Jiazhuang refining co., Ltd.
Sinopec Tianjin branch company

Other Products you are interested in:
Antiscale Agent
Foam depressant

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How to install clip in hair extensions?

While wearing hair extensions used to have a slightly negative stigma, women (and even men) today have embraced the versatility and advantages of faux hair.  Whether it is to enhance your length or volume, change your color or texture, preserve and protect your hair, or some other reason hair extensions can be a fun and convenient addition to your styling repertoire.  That being said, there are still women who are hesitant to wear full head weaves.  Maybe you do not want a long term commitment, perhaps your scalp is too sensitive to remain braided, or just maybe you are a novice to weave wearing and have a bit of uncertainty.  If this is you,

Clip in hair extensions have the benefit of being a non-damaging, temporary way to add length, color, or volume to your tresses. EMEDA Clip In Hair Extensions comes with ten pieces of varying wefted lengths, more than enough to completely transform your look.

Clip in hair extensions are so easy to install, tools arent even required.  Simply use your fingers to part your hair horizontally starting near the base of your neck.  Open the clip on one of the shorter clip weave pieces and push the combs into your hair at the roots, near the base of your scalp.  If you have fine or thin hair, tease your natural hair a bit for a more secure hold.  Once the combs are pushed securely into your natural hair, push the clip closed, a click will confirm that it was closed.  Part another section of your hair about one inch above that piece of clip weave and comb the hair overtop to blend.  Select another piece, being sure it is not wider than the area on which you are working.  Repeat the parting and clipping process.  Some heads may require all ten pieces to create a flawless full look whereas others may only need a few wefts added in the back.  You can also use the clip weave pieces to create a bang in the front of you head.

Once youve installed the amount of clip ins you desire, you can either comb all of your hair straight down to rock a long sleek style, add waves or spirals with a curling wand, or even take some of the length off to create an edgy cut.  The possibilities are truly endless.  At the end of the night, open the clips and gently remove the combs.  Painless and pretty, clip in hair extensions are awesome!


European researchers have made rubber from dandelion tires

According to Xinhua news agency, Wageningen university charge released in September 11th said, European researchers developed a prototype of a bicycle tire made from dandelion root of natural rubber, after testing the performance is good, marking the market application of dandelion rubber has made new progress, is expected to promote the production, so as to reduce the dependence on EU imports of natural rubber the global supply of natural rubber, to achieve diversification.

Vredestein, a Amsterdam based tire maker, unveiled the prototype last month. The enterprise is one of the dandelion rubber project "DRIVE4EU" industrial partners, the project by the University of Wageningen is responsible for coordinating.
According to Dr. Ingrid Meer project coordinator, Wageningen Botanical Research University, the project group has previously used the Russian dandelion rubber output concept of tires, now produce more high-quality Russian dandelion varieties, the rubber content reached 17% to 20%, far higher than the wild Russian dandelion 5%, bicycle tires rubber production quality of this kind of dandelion good. The project team is continuing the production of Russian dandelion rubber.
Russian dandelion, also called Gum grass, has many milk at the root and contains gum that can be used to make rubber. Meer told reporters, "there are very few plants on earth that can also produce large quantities of latex, and dandelion is one of them.". The rubber tree can only grow in tropical regions, the production period of only a few years, also need to labour intensive tapping work, while the Russian dandelion in temperate planting, and annual, and other crops, so it is an ideal raw material of natural rubber."
The dandelion rubber project group consists of 6 research institutions from the European Union, the six countries and Kazakhstan's 7 industrial partners. The goal is to establish the natural rubber production chain developed in Europe, reduce dependence on EU imports of natural rubber. At present, all natural rubber used by EU countries comes from imports



Reporter Han Lixin Yu Qing, in order to ensure that this kite will be innovating in form and content, this year, China (Weifang) international kite culture creative design works and kite tied works competition is set up for the first time this year. After careful organization of tension, two events each Pingchu grand prize 1, 3 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 10 bronze. The process of painting "the kite soul" won the scroll cultural creative design class award, Zhang Guohua designed wooden kite kite won the tie class grand prize contest. At that time, these kites will appear in the grand meeting, which will bring the audience a lively and beautiful enjoyment.

It is understood that the skills contest were collected all kinds of more than 300 entries, including master of Arts and crafts works China 2; national non genetic order of 4 pieces of works; the provincial master of Arts and crafts works of 25 masters of Arts and crafts; municipal works 60; deaf 2 works of Wang Yongxun; vice chairman of the association of "the kite kite China Emblem - twelve year"; International Kite master Zhang Xiaodong "monkey" Yang Hongwei to send a blessing; "dragon totem" and other works. In addition, CO produced the master of Arts in Shandong Province, the 9 people such as Zhang Guohua's "free children put by carving paper-cut" large "Fei; national non heritage inheritors Qi Xiuhua butterfly"; Sheng Zhuang mahogany inlaid silver factory mahogany silver carving "boy play kite" graphic design "; senior artist Ding Songjiang kite soul" etc. the works are the latest. The election of products is the biggest characteristic of each craft into a kite elements, arts and crafts products and the best combination of the kite, the two products have risen to a new level, fully embodies the theme of the race, creativity, novelty, originality, practicality and aesthetics fashion, in the future the kite market has opened up a new way.

Official website: http://www.yongbofabric.com