Accidents are unforeseen circumstances that are likely to occur at any time in our lives. From our dinning rooms to fancy events. To ensure that all your guests are comfortable and safe, you should consider the quality of the chair cushion you are spending your money on. You need a comfortable, resistant and fireproof filing cushions.

          Having a comfortable and resistant cushion is the key for a long time dinning, weddings or a family reunion. But safety is irreplaceable. You need the security of fire safe cushions.

          On the right side we have our cushion and on the left our competitors cushion. I am here to prove to you why our cushions are the best ones.

        Fireproofing is important in a life safety issue. As a chair manufacturers, we cautiously pay attention to every single detail and we stand behind all the products we sell, your satisfaction is our topmost priority.


What’s the difference between silk and faux mink eyelash extension

  Silk eyelash extension are soft and natural looking for every customers. They have a matte black color. If any customers want a natural looking and feel. Then they can chose our synthetic eyelash extension. All our synthetic silk eyelash extensions are made of PBT fiber which are import from South Korea. They are the best quality raw material for eyelash extension.All our eyelash extensions have a real black color that will not lost the curl or fade.

  Faux mink eyelash extension offer a dramatic and beautiful look with its brilliant black color and slight sheen. If our customers want to be some difference, dont want to be the same with others. Faux mink eyelash extensions are their best chose. The faux mink eyelash extensions are made of PBT fiber, not real mink fur. They called faux mink eyelash extensions, because they are look a little different with synthetic silk eyelash extensions, they are brighter than synthetic silk eyelash extensions

Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful?

You know we mainly rely on vehicle noise in the engine compartment and door and other parts installed insulation cotton or insulation foam material to noise, because some resonance frequency will produce noise, so in the door, the chassis position will also install some parts of the car is reduced to prevent the resonance of materials, but in a recent piece of advertising in the article to see a new term, called the car sound insulation sealing strip.
Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful?
At first glance, this thing is almost the same as the car window sealant, it's hollow and softer. Why is this small thing called a soundproof seal? I also understand how the sound insulation starts.
Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful?
Soundproof seal
In the process of chatting with a friend, he learned that he had the adhesive tape installed. He installed a whole circle of the front cabin cover, four doors, and the rear end, all installed. I asked him how he felt, and he shook his head and said that it had little effect except the feeling of closing the door.
Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful?
Soundproof sealing strip installation
I think it fits my judgment, the propagation of sound all middle school is taught, by the media, regardless of air, liquid, solid and we all can spread, the noise of the car is mainly from several aspects, pavement and tire vibration tire noise, engine and transmission of the functioning of the front cabin the sound of wind noise at high speeds.
If you want to have a good sound insulation, it is necessary to block the transmission path of these parts. For example, make a sound insulation layer between engine room and cockpit, make a sound insulation on the chassis, make a sound insulation layer in the four door. The sound insulation layer is almost the entire surface, and has a certain thickness of soft sound insulation material. The sound insulation material around the large circle around the cockpit is completely wrapped up, so as to effectively reduce the introduction of all kinds of noise. And that little rubber strip treatment has a slight effect on the wind noise of a part of the body connected to the joints, and the rest will not be in the slightest noise. The noise will still enter the cab through the door and chassis.
Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful?
Sound insulation material installation
Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful?
Sound insulation material installation
So in the face of some new so-called useful car supplies, we still have to take the common sense into consideration, otherwise it is to spend the money.


Do you see if your PVC pipe is leaking?

Ive been trying to spring a leak for six months.

A faucet. A pipe. Any place where liquid can leak.

But I understand how the universe works. Because I want to spring a leak, I cant. I have to stop wanting to and then it will happen. Im not very patient that way.

It all started about six months ago, on a Tuesday morning at around 2 a.m. I had fallen asleep with the television on, and in a fog woke up to a guy in a rowboat made from a screen door. He had coated the screen with Flex Seal, a can of waterproof black goop.

I sat up like I had just seen a burning bush. A spray can full of something that would stop any leak? Yowzer!

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Was it rubber? What else could it be? How did they get rubber to spray out of a tiny nozzle?

Whatever it was, it clearly worked, because there was a guy in a screen door rowboat and he wasnt sinking.

I bought a can as quickly as I could, and of course, chose the rush shipping option. I mean, a leak can happen at any moment. Just ask my Uncle Larry. It was only blind luck that I hadnt had any leaks, but I knew there was water seeking a weak spot right then, just to mock me.

Even with the rush shipping it was going to take a week, so I had time to look around to find the most likely leaking suspects. Kitchen sink? I know you want to start a gusher. Shower head? Go ahead, I dare you. Garden hose? Oh yeah, thats the big one.

After carefully inspecting my garden hose, it was clear the battle would be waged somewhere along its green skin. It was about being patient. Diligently checking the mail and working on the hose.

Day after day, I stretched my 50-foot hose to its limits. I tried watering things in my neighbors yard. Twisting it around corners and bushes. Closing off the nozzle and leaving the water on full blast to create pressure. Not a drop. I left it in the hot sun for days, hoping for a crack. Nada.

It was now Sunday and I was only two days away from getting my shipment. Just two days away from never having to worry about a leak again.

Then, out of nowhere, I saw another ad for Flex Seal and they have two more options. The rowboat commercial only had black. But now I could get white and clear. Duh.

Look, the last thing I needed was to have an ugly black clog on my pretty green hose. The clear could fix that. And I probably ought to get the white just in case in the future I have a leak from an exposed piece of PVC. Yeah, thats just good planning. So I ordered two more cans.

A few days later, my first can of black rubber magic stuff arrived. Even though there were no leaks yet, I kept it close by. When a leak started, I didn't want to be fumbling around looking for my rubber spray.

That was six months ago.

Ive thought about getting rid of my garden hose because it wont leak. Who the heck designs a kitchen faucet that doesnt drip? How many times do you need to twist a shower head before it lets go?

Last night I saw an ad for a new garden hose that completely collapses when its not full of water. I read some really horrible reviews about how it starts leaking after just a few weeks. Now thats the hose Ive been waiting for.

Ive got some exposed PVC that might accidentally get nicked by the lawnmower. It happens. Im guessing If I look under the hood of my car there are some hoses that could easily be bumped by a clumsy guy like me. Yeah, the car


False eyelashes can double magnify the eyes. Through the magic step of make-up, we can get rid of the trouble caused by plastic surgery. However, how can the false eyelashes be pasted?

1 false eyelashes how to unload the tutorials in detail and guide the top back to the top

False eyelashes how to unload the tutorials in detail

False eyelashes how to unload the tutorials in detail

False eyelashes can double magnify the eyes. Through the magic step of make-up, we can get rid of the trouble caused by plastic surgery. However, how to paste the false eyelashes naturally? Below, Xiaobian recommends a makeup tutorial on how to paste false eyelashes, which is the ultimate guidance of the novice.

STEP 1: before placing the eyelashes, you should draw an eye line on the eye so that it can make up the gap in the eye.

STEP 2: off, the false eyelashes eyelashes in comparison, easy to trim out the appropriate length, MM in the construction of the time do not grudge, excess false eyelashes will only make our eyes look unnatural.

STEP 3: after the false eyelash is trimmed, it can bend the false eyelashes properly, make the false eyelashes more soft, and then apply the eyelash glue to the roots of the false eyelashes.

2 back top

How to draw the eye single eyelids? Natural binocular skin of single eyelid

STEP 4: small tweezers eyelashes, gently dry point, waiting for the fast drying, you can start with, there is a small place worthy of attention, no matter when we posted false eyelashes or eyeliner, to place the mirror in the sight below, so it is convenient to see our eyelashes root.

STEP 5: first the false eyelash stick in the middle part, with a small cotton swab to gently stir the eye tail meat, aimed at the right position posted up.

STEP 6: when the paste is finished, while the glue is not completely dried up, we can press the false eyelashes inside, and then lift them up. Such false eyelashes will look more curly.

STEP 7: when you put a false eyelash on the eyelid, you must prune a few paragraphs, paste it up every time, do not paste it up one time, it will look unnatural. False eyelashes should be put under the real eyelashes, or you will lose the effect of magnifying the eyes.

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How choose the suitable eyelash extensions for yourself?

Firstly, lets know the eyelash extensions size, the three main elements of eyelash extensions are Thickness, Curls, Length.

Thickness: 0.05mm,0.07mm,0.10mm,0.12mm,0.15mm,0.18mm,0.20mm,0.25mm

Curls: J,B,C,D,CC,LC,LD

Length: 7-18mm.

The people have different thickness eyelashes because of different regions, so the eyelash extensions with a various of curls. Normally, the thinner lashes, the more natural and true, so the most popular thickness are 0.05mm and 0.07mm, because these two thickness are more true to natural of human. But, the thicker lash extensions such as 0.15mm,0.20mm will be more density and looks fashion, charming and sexy.

J,B,C,D,CC,LC,LD mean the different curl of eyelash extensions, the index of curvature looks like these letters, so its easy to understand the curls. Most peoples natural eyelash just looks like J or B curl, so if you want your eyelash be natural, the B curl is your best choose, but lots of people like to choose C or D curl, because C and D curl will looks your eyes more fashion, C,D curls are the most popular curls, both real and exaggerated, if you want the Barbie dolls as playful eyes, the CC curl is your best choose.

In addition, also have LC and LD curl, L curl was very popular in the past time, now less and less customers use L curl, because its too exaggerated after applying on eyes. Of course, if you like exaggerated looks, the LC or LD curl will be your best choose, because it will take you sexy feeling and very impressed.

Choose the best materials eyelash extensions will be the most important things for yourself, because the bad quality eyelash extensions will destroy your own lashes, even cause your eyes be allergy. There are many different kinds of eyelash extensions with different quality in the market. Babil lashes company only use top quality lashes materials to make eyelash extensions, choose us you will have an amazing feeling.

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Slewing ring bearings

Detailed Procedures to Install and Mainten Slew Rings as Follows



Slewing ring bearings, like any other machine part, require careful handling. To reduce the risk of injury,Use of safe operating practices and observation of all relevant legal regulations when handling,cleaning, and transporting are required. It is recommended that gloves be used whenever handling the bearing.Also, use carrying and lifting tools that are specially suited for mounting such bearings.

Slewing bearings should be transported and stored flat on a surface that extends over the whole side face of the bearing , preferably safely secured to shipping pallets or in a container. Eyebolts, for example, should only be subjected to a load in the direction of the shank axis. Also, keep in mind when using.Avoid any sudden acceleration or impact. If the bearing must be turned over, use nylon web slings or equivalent. Do not use chains or metallic mesh slings in contact with the bearing.


Store only in horizontal position in closed rooms, if stacked there must be a stable intermediate layer. We recommend that you do not stack more than two high if the bearing is four feet or larger in diameter.The corrosion protection coating has a shelf-life of approx. 3 months in closed packaging. Longer storage periods require special protective measures. If the bearing is not installed within one year of receiving it, the grease should be purged and replaced with fresh grease.Outdoor storage is not recommended. External surfaces of slewing ring bearings, including the gear, are coated with a preservative oil to provide nominal protection during storage.


Installation of the bearing and gear assembly should be done in a clean, dry, well-lit area.

Remove extraneous material from supporting surfaces and pilots of the housings (including paint residues, welding beads, burr formation).

Clear corrosion protection coating from supporting surfaces of the Slewing Ring.Even "soft" material trapped between the mounting and bearing surfaces can result in high spots and affect bearing and bolt performance.  

The purpose of cleaning material is that to stop penetrating into the Slewing Ring.

Cleaning material that attacks the sealing material is not used.

When this has been done, examine for and remove weld spatter, paint, nicks and burrs and wipe clean again.Mounting surfaces should be machined.

--Determining permissible flatness deviation perpendicularity deviation and permissible deformation of the mounting surface of the supporting structure

--Lubricating the Slewing Ring

Slewing Rings are supplied fully lubricated. They shall be greased again prior to initial operation.

Inject grease into all grease nipples one after the other,while rotating the Slewing Ring, until a bead of grease forms at least on one sealing lip.

-Positioning the Slew Ring

If one ring has a pilot or dowel hole, it should be positioned and mounted first.Consider alignment of gear's minimum backlash on structure so any necessary adjustments can be made.

Determine the main load-carrying zone.

For all Slewing Rings the soft spot of the Slewing Ring raceway shall be placed at a 90 deg point to the maximum load zone. The soft spot is designated with a filling plug or a punched Smark.

Do not expose the seal area or any other bearing opening to pressurized cleaning.

Use only cleaning material that is compatible with the seal material and avoid getting debris or other material into the bearing. Visually inspect and confirm that there is no damage to the bearing, gear, seals, or grease fittings.

Remove any minor burrs from mounting surfaces that may have occurred in shipping or handling. Use a hand file, taking care to remove only as much material as necessary to ensure full contact of bearing surface with equipment mounting surface. Make sure all surfaces are wiped clean.

With a gauge, check whether the supporting surface of the Slewing Ring is fully supported by the mounting structure.

-Securing the Slew Ring with bolts

The Slewing Ring shall be mounted in the unloaded condition.

First the toothless bearing ring is attached and then the gear bearing ring.

For good load distribution and smooth, low torque operation, the bearing should be as round as possible when the bolts are tightened. The following procedure is provided as an aid in achieving that objective.

The following procedure shall be followed in order to avoid deviations between the bolt tightening forces:

1.Lightly lubricate bolt threads in order to ensure uniform frictional resistance (does not apply to bolt locking devices with adhesive).

2.Preload the bolts, including washers, if required, crosswise in 3 steps with 30%,80%, 100% of the tightening torque or the hydraulically applied pretension force.

3.Thereby rotate the unbolted ring several times. Repeat the procedure for the bearing ring which has not yet been bolted.

When applying a hydraulic fastening device, the tightening forces for preloading shall not exceed 90% of yield stress.

4.Using a gauge, verify the bearing fully supports the mating structure. If not, then determine cause and correct.

5.Complete installation of all rotating components of significant weight, and check bearing for freedom of rotation. Excessive torque level, variation, or vibration is indicative of some unsatisfactory installation condition or component.

6.As permitted, inspect seals again for any damage.

-Determining the existing tilting clearance

When the equipment has been completely assembled, and prior to testing, check bolt tension to ensure that it is in compliance with that specified by the designer. The equipment should be oriented to generate as little moment or radial load on the bearing as possible to avoid inaccuracy in readings. Document this orientation so it may be used for all future bolt inspections. Any loss of pretensioning must be determined and eliminated.

The tilting clearance increases with raceway wear. To determine the increase in tilting clearance,it is necessary to take basic measurements after installation prior to putting the Slewing Ring into operation for the first time.Permanently designate the measuring point in the main load direction.