How to preserve canned peach ?

Canned fruit itself is a convenient storage and transport of fruit processed foods, in essence, should not be too worried about the preservation of the problem, but the world is easy to save the design is not there is no storage problem. Canned fruit can be deteriorated if stored improperly.

With the fruit quality and taste of the increasingly high demand, the loss of fruit flavor of the anti-season fruit is no longer blitz, on the contrary try to preserve the fresh fruit flavor and the impact of fruit cans popular. The increase in the demand for canned fruit leads to a significant increase in the production and storage of canned fruit, which increases the number of factors that are detrimental to the preservation of fruit cans.

First of all, the sealing of fruit canned packaging is not good, or the packaging is not careful broken to make the filling food and air contact lead to deterioration. There are canned fruit to prevent in the hot environment or exposure to sunlight and so are not conducive to the preservation of fruit cans. In addition, the application of canned fruit is relatively high quality insurance process, if the process is not smooth, or again in the process of someone lazy the latter will affect the fruit can save the last save...

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Bespoke Carrier Bags for customer

We are a professional manufacturer of luxury paper bags in Qingdao, we can produce this kind of shopping paper bags according to your needs. This is made by 190gsm art paper c1s. We accept customized paper bags.

1. Description:

 Bespoke  Carrier Bags for customer
Conference documents printing or design for customers
Accept custom design artwork

Top and bottom reference:
350g-450g white board paper (different thickness)

128g/157gsm art paper  
190g/230gsm art paper c1s  
120g/200g kraft paper in brown or white color
120g/200g gold/silver paper
Surface disposal
Glossy/Matte Lamination; Varnishing ;
Hot stamping, Flocking print, Creasing Calendaring foil-stamping, Crushing, Embossing,
UV lithography, Silk Screen Printing
Full Color, CYMK, Pantone Color, Environmental-Protection Printing Ink
Payment terms
T/T, L/C, Paypal, West union
30% deposit before production and 70% balanced paid before shipment.
Inner poly bag packed, then to strong export carton
Usually 100pcs per carton
Or follow customers requirements
By sea/air/express; depends on clients requirement;
Big and reliable cooperated forwarder will help to deliver your goods on time
Shipment term
FOB/CFR/CIF; depends on clients requirement

2. Advantage:
1. High quality and competitive price is always our top advantage.
2. Accept the MOQ 1000-3000pcs
3. High efficiency delivery
4. Best service lasting the whole cooperation

Our Services
1. Sample service:
-Provide free blank samples without print
-Printed samples with design, need sample charges, the exact charges depends on your final
design and product.
-It will take 2-3days for blank samples; 5-6days for printed samples.

2. Customized service:
If you have a product that requires a customized bag of unusual shape, or have corporate
gifts, chocolates or confectionery products that require a special presentation bag, we are
sure we can find a packaging solution to suit.

3. After sale service:
We guarantee your satisfaction with all our merchandise. If you do not feel that your
purchase has lived
up to your expectations, you have 15 days from the time of receipt to return it. We will gladly refund
the purchase price, exchange it for same item or credit the amount against the purchase of another item.

Q &A
1. Do you have a range of stock items for sale ?
All our products are made specifically to a customer's order. We have no standard lines
available from stock.      

2. What is your minimum quantity ?
As a general rule we would produce quantities of 3000pcs or more, although on occasions we
have produced orders for less than 3000. However, for one off small orders unit costs are likely to be very high when considering repro, printing, tooling and set-up costs.

3. How can I get a sample to check your quality?
After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.Free for a
blank sample to check the design and paper quality, as long as you afford the express freight. For printed samples, we will charge to cover the cost on film &printing.

4. Can you do the design for us?
Yes.We have a professional team having rich experience in gift bag design and manufacturing.
Just tell us your ideas and we will help to carry out your ideas into perfect gift bags.

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China Professional Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter suction dredger is the most effective  dredging machine in the river and port dredging engineering.The cutter suction dredger is a simple structure, easy maintenance,reliable performance,long service life,low cost and large workload(500 to 5,000 cubic meters solid per day).We can manufacture the cutter suction dredger according to your require.


1-Established in 2002,13 years cutter suction dredger manufacture experience

2-Processing capacity from 500 m3 to 5000 m3 per hour

3- Individual-customized design according to your require

4- Field survey by the engineers

5- Engineers available for overseas installation and training.

6- High efficiency with less money

7- Long life, durable cutter suction dredger.  

8- Worldwide shipping by our own forwarder

Our official website: http://sinokingmachinery.com 

Silicone rubber sheet with high absorption performance

We are professional manufacturer of Silicone rubber sheet , Our Silicone rubber sheet have very good resistance for acid & alkali, and temperature range -30-+200 degree, I ti is widely used in matting for protection, Rings and gaskets.

Features of silicon rubber sheet:
High tearing resistance slicon rubber sheet, good oil proof, high temperature bearing, anti-corrosion and anti-aging performance, poison free, odor free and strong elasticity.
Work in the oil medium of low&high temperature, aplly to use punch oil seals, water, sealing strip, it has excellent sealing feature, often uesed in pharmacy, chemical and food industry, and environmental protection.

Technical data of Silicone rubber sheet:

Tensile strength
 5mpa, 6mpa, 7mpa and more
 black, Red, Green and others
Deliver time
 Within 20days for a 20feet container

We also could offer the follow rubber sheet:
Industrial rubber sheet: SBR, NBR, EPDM,CR rubber sheet
Special industrial rubber sheet: Viton,Silicone,Natural,Fire resistant, Food grade rubber sheet
Anti-slip rubber sheet: Round button,Checker,wide/fine ribbed,diamond
Livestock rubber sheet: Round dot, I pattern,Small squared, Interlock

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How to choose the desiccant sachets packaging paper?

1.  Tyvek paper

Feature: tear-resistance, good air permeability, great dust prevention ability, water proof, low surface friction, high elasticity, good heat-sealing ability, but the price is high. Combined with paper, cloth and thin film has the characteristics. Using tyvek paper desiccant is the development trend of the future.

2.  Non-woven cloth paper:

Feature: Good strength, good air permeability, general dust prevention ability, good heat-sealing ability, the price is moderate. Non-woven cloth is composed of directional or random fiber is a new generation of environmental protection material, it has moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, no combustion-supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, with low cost, reusable etc. E.g. using polypropylene (pp) material grain as raw material, by high temperature melting, spinning, steel, heat the top ranking paper for one-step production. Because of having the appearance of the cloth and some performance and called it the cloth.

3.   Compound paper:

Feature: General strength, good air permeability, good dust prevention ability, generally heat-sealing ability, the price is low. Compound paper can not only improve the appearance of the paper and cardboard properties and strength, the main is to improve the waterproof, damp proof, oil resistant, at the same time also will obtain the heat-sealing ability, light resistance, heat resistance etc.

4.   Cotton Paper:

Feature: General strength, good air permeability, good dust prevention ability, general heat-sealing ability, the price is moderate. Stencil: general strength, good ventilation, dust prevention commonly, heat sealing general, moderate price

And there also have more packaging paper. If you have any interest, please contact us feel free.

About Us
JL Industrial Chemicals is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Molecular Sieve, Sodium Alginate,Activated Alumina in China.We provide Molecular Sieve 3A,4A,3-5MM Activated Alumina,Calcium Alginate etc..

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the Nonionic Polyacrylamide

The Nonionic Polyacrylamide is a kind of water-soluble high molecular polymer or called as the polyelectrolyte. Because the nonionic Polyacrylamides molecular chain contains a certain number of different polar groups, the nonionic Polyacrylamide could absorb the suspending solid particles in the water, and can help the suspending particles to form the mass floccules by the bridges between the particles or by the charge neutralizing.

The Nonionic Polyacrylamidefor The Beverage Factory

After analyzing the waste water from the beverage factory, it figures out that this type of waste water from the beverage factory is of acidic characteristics, since it contains plenty of the pulp, the protein and the phenolic compound etc.

The Nonionnic Polyacrylamide for the Acidic Waste Water

The Acidic waste water is a type of waste water which contains some acidic material, such as the sulphuric acid, the nitric acid, the hydrochloric acid, the phosphoric acid and the organic acid etc. The acidic waste water is harmful to the aquatic life or organism, and the acidic waste water also can corrode the water supply system and the water resource facilities.

The Nonionic Polyacrylamide for the Paper Making Factory

Nowadays, along with the development of the paper making industry, the water system closure is strongly required in the paper making industry, in order to prevent the water being polluted. Therefore, the most economic way is to use the high efficient paper filter aid. After the comparing, the experimenting and the analyzing, it figures out that the Nonionic Polyacrylamide has the best paper filtering effect among all other different water treatment chemicals available.

1.    The Nonionic Polyacrylamide is of solid powder shape, therefore, it is required to be dissolved before the practical use.

2.    It is required to use the clean water to dissolve the Nonionic Polyacrylamide, pure water supply is better.

3.    A normal water temperature is required. It will be very slow to dissolve the Nonionic Polyacrylamide if the water temperature is lower than 5 degree. The higher of the water temperature, the faster of the dissolving time of the Nonionic Polyacrylamide.

4.    The concentration of the Nonionic Polyacrylamide solution. For the paper making industry, the best concentration of the Nonionic Polyacrylamide solution is around 0.3%

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2017 Oil Prices

While the current state of the market still leaves cost-containment initiatives a priority, executives nonetheless showed renewed confidence in an industry recovery. Those who responded pointed to expectations of rising prices, a return to increasing capital expenditures and headcount as drivers of their optimistic outlook.

This recovery in many ways mimics the pattern of the recovery from the Great Recession,said John England, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP and U.S. and Americas Oil and Gas Leader. If last year was the year of hard decisions, 2017 will be the slow road back. Companies are generally optimistic that prices will rise to a more sustainable level next year; however, they understand that even if we see an uptick in price, the industry likely wont fully recover until 2018 or beyond.

Deloittes survey reveals that from upstream to downstream, most respondents expect to see an increase in capital expenditures next year. In fact, the upstream sector, which took the hardest hit in this downturn, is the most optimistic about a recovery, followed by the midstream sector. The study also reveals a number of trends in opinion that offer insight into the direction the industry may be headed: Most executives believe that per bbl is an important threshold for a revival in U.S. oil and gas exploration and production activity. Seventy-one percent of professionals believe it is possible for the 2016 average price per bbl to reach -60, or for prices to at least rise to that range by the end of the year (61%). Almost half of the respondents think that prices will continue to rise, reaching -80 by 2017 (44%) or by 2020 (46%). Nearly one-third of the respondents (28%) foresee crude oil prices returning to -100 for WTI and Brent by 2020.

Natural gas price outlook: Stable to mild optimism for 2017-2020. For 2017-2020, 70% of the respondents expect prices to range between .50-3.50 per MMBtu, with a third anticipating this price band in 2017. Survey respondents expect Asian natural gas prices to be much higher than Henry Hub to the end of 2016-2020, which creates opportunity for U.S. LNG exporters. Of professionals surveyed, 81% believe international prices will range from -10 per MMBtu. However, an increasingly optimistic view (29%) is for prices to be in the -15 per MMBtu range by 2017 to 2020.

X-factors could dampen optimism for recovery. When asked which policy or geopolitical issue would most affect their company, survey respondents cited OPEC production decision as having the most impact on the upstream sector, but U.S. tax and policy decisions are next, outranking several prominent international issues. OPECs ongoing influence on crude oil prices remains the most important concern for 45% of professionals. Next areas of greatest concern are changes in U.S. tax policy and regulation (38%) and environmental and local stakeholder issues (34%). While the survey did not break out specific regulations, professionals see a possibility of profound energy policy changes to be enacted, and for the scope and impact of those changes to depend on the outcome of the presidential elections in November 2016.

Upstream priorities: Responding to the challenges, shifting to a recovery mindset. The findings showed a shift in expectation about the impact of short- and long-term cost containment initiatives from 2016-2017. Long-term cost-containment initiatives, a hallmark of the oil and gas industry expansion before the downturn, are considered the most impactful, as shown by an increase from 42% of respondents to 50% for 2017. Short-term cost-reduction efforts are seen as less impactful in 2017 a key indicator of an expectation of recovery. In addition, executives expect capital expenditures committed to exploration activities to rise in 2017 (42%) more evidence for an optimistic outlook for the industrys longer-term recovery. In 2017, 50% of respondents see better operating efficiencies and enhanced well productivity as the biggest opportunity for cost reductions. This is a shift away from head count, portfolio changes and activity reductions. Although more than half of the respondents believe 40% or more of cost reductions are short-term, while 64% see operating efficiency gains as the best path to sustainable cost reductions, followed by contract renegotiations. While 43% of respondents expect more personnel reductions in 2016; next year, only 31% believe there will be ongoing layoffs. In fact, 36% of the respondents expect hiring will restart in 2017. For 2016, 42% expect capital expenditure to continue declining; but, in 2017, the outlook changes as 43% of respondents anticipate capital expenditure to rise in 2017 optimism for a recovery next year is returning.

The downturn moves to the midstream sector. Contraction in the upstream sector has begun to wear on the midstream sector, once thought to be somewhat immune from commodity price volatility,said Andrew Slaughter, managing director of the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, Deloitte Services LP. However, the sectors fee-based contracts are at risk of being renegotiated or challenged in bankruptcy court, given the financial stress of upstream producers. We already are seeing movement toward consolidation, and more could be on the way. Professionals also see infrastructure building both in the U.S. and in Mexico as the biggest area of midstream opportunity.

Midstream finds its own set of challenges and its own opportunities. The midstream sector has many opportunities for profitable growth in the burgeoning U.S LNG export industry, and the U.S. Gulf Coast region is seen as the area that will present the most opportunity, according to 63% of respondents. Sixty-two percent expect a moderate level of consolidation in both 2016 and 2017 (59%), but when asked about whether the midstream sector would consolidate significantly in 2017, affirmative responses increased from 15% to 23%. However, midstream limited partnership (MLP) rollups into C-corporation structures were seen as unlikely (28%) or moderate (52%). Cost reduction (52%) and regulation (41%) are seen as the midstream sectors biggest challenges. Optimism is most clearly seen in the results related to rising capital expenditures. For 2016, only 26% of the respondents saw a net increase in capital expenditures, but that cohorts expectation rose to 41% for 2017, with 28% of that group citing a modest 10% uptick.

Regulatory challenges for downstream refining and marketing offset by export opportunity. Regulation (39%) and costs (35%) top the list of the biggest challenges facing this highly regulated, capital intensive segment. Despite regulatory challenges, the outlook for refined products exports next year is seen as positive, as U.S. crude oil exports have offered new competition. Capital expenditures will likely increase from 2016 to 2017, according to 33% of survey respondents, but by no more than 10% year over year. Slightly fewer (30%) expect a net capital expenditure reduction next year.

The return of optimistic sentiment indicates that the industry downturn may finally be over, and suggests low to modest industry growth over the next year, with a full recovery by the end of the decade. Slaughter concluded, The midstream sector is looking to expand its crude oil capabilities and rebuild infrastructure, and the downstream sector is looking for more demand growth. As optimism returns, as it has, the list of opportunities should be given another look, for it shows the direction the industry will likely take in the years to come.

About L.E.A.D.

LEAD OILFIELD SOLUTIONS COMPANY is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Polyacrylate, Corrosion inhibitor, Demulsifierin China. We offer stimulation service and chemicals, acid fracturing engineering. We produce such as clay inhibitor, encapsulated gel breaker, defoameretc. Please visit the company's website at www.sloilfield.com Connect with L.E.A.D. onGoogle+, and LinkedIn.


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Star products for wing nut and tie rod

Recently ,Star products is Scaffolding formwork Wing nut and tie rod ,We are professional in manufacturing scaffolding systems products in China. Our products refer to scaffolding systems ,formwork systems,rapid clamps,casting wing nut , and so on.  Now our products are exported to USA, Canada, UK,Italy,France,Belgium, Sweden,Finland, Hungry, Australia,  and many mideast countries.

About JCD
JCD Machinery is a professional manufactuer and supplier of Butterfly Valve, Cuplock Scaffolding,Lifting Anchor ,we produce such as wafer butterfly valve,frame scaffolding,shear stud etc..High quality,resonable price,exported 50 countries.

Honest and moral excellenceis our business philosophy.Welcome to our home page, we sincerely hope that you can enjoy your stay here and find something that may be helpful to you or your esteemed company. Our dedicated team at JCD is committed to your success, we would sincerely love to hear from you in the future! Visit our page to find the easiest way to get in touch with us.


Manufacturers and Exporters of Foodstuff

Sinonut was founded in 2008,to be one of Leader Manufacturer and Exporter of Foodstuff in China. We have factories in Shandong,North of China and Fujian,South of China with Necessary Certificate such as BRC,FDA,HACCP,ISO,HALAL,KOSHER etc to meet different market requirements.

Sinonut have full experience in Our Chinese Foodstuff,such as Fresh Garlic, Ginger,Canned Mushroom&Tomato Paste,IQF vegetables,Frozen Seafood,Peanuts etc.Also with excellent marketing team and the regional channel partners both at home and abroad,the products of the market development and after-sales services has a sound Management Solution.

Sinonut main market include MIDDLE EAST,USA,EU and ASIA.Every year our products exported to the world more than 10000mts.

Sinonut is dedicated below products:

Fresh fruits and vegetables


Canned Vegetables,Fruits and seafood

IQF Vegetables,Berries and Fruits

Frozen seafood

Pickled Food and Preserved Fruits
Sinonut Provide most professional experience of our Chinese Food. Whatever from the Food Specification, Packing or the Sales plan, Market Condition and Suggestion in period. We regularly worked with customers to create Food and others specialist type to match the individual customersrequirements. From off the shelf products to Promotion designed solutions. We understand that some people may experience some issues with Food, therefore our R&D team and technicists are on hand to help with any queries or questions that you may have.

We are the one of leader Manufacturer and Exporter in China for over 15 years. In Food Line, we have rich experience on processing and cost control. Also our R&D team are always working hard on develop new product, new processing technology etc in order to improve ourselves, in order to give our customers most competitive prices, to help their grow, to help us grow together.

More info. Pls visit our official website: http://www.sinonut.com 


Nano Technology on our Japan Toray Carbon Fly Fishing Rod

Why We Use Nano A-Helix Technology?

We use A-helix technology which is different to normal standard scrim process. Normal standard scrim process uses fiber glass or carbon scrim to give the blanks a hoop strength, but our a-helix technology uses the carbon spiral to support the hoop strength of the blanks. A single carbon spiral(helical or helix) is at the core of the blank, this type of the structure is regarded the most effective way of maintaining cross section stability during bending, so our carbon helix core will minimize cross sectional deformation during loading, improving power and response.

And now we are using NANO materials combined with the A-helix technology to makes the blanks stronger as well as ensuring reduced deformation when they were bent.

Because we use the spiral carbon core to make the blanks the tip section will not be as straight as the scrim process blanks especially on the fine tips.

This makes our fly rod blanks stronger versus fine tips made out of the scrim materials, often the cross section glass scrim is already broken during the manufacturing process, leaving only epoxy resin to create hoop strength, which is why they so easily broken.

Now allo of our Japan Toray Carbon Fly Rods are using this A-Helix Technology, welcome to get a sample for test to have a new experience of the new rods.

China Aug coking coal imports jump 36% on year to 6.49 mil mt

China's coking coal imports climbed 36% year on year to 6.49 million mt in August, data released Monday by the General Administration of Customs showed.
The bulk of the surge in imported volumes comes from Mongolia, which confirmed its place as China's second-largest coking coal supplier after Australia, and is slowly catching up. In August, imports from Mongolia climbed 156% year on year to 2.15 million mt, while imports in the first eight months of this year jumped 51.7% year on year to 12.79 million mt.
In the meantime, imports from Australia rose 21% year on year to 3.15 million mt in August, while over January-August total imports from Australia increased by 8% year on year to 18.78 million mt.
Canadian imports also surged, rising 59.5% year on year to 0.72 million mt in August. However, the increase was less spectacular over the January-August period during which imports from Canada were up 13.4% year on year to 4.16 million mt.
Imports from Russia were broadly stable in August, edging 0.6% higher on the year to 0.26 million mt.
Finally, exports of coking coal out of China fell 26% year on year to 56,488 mt in August, with 51,928 mt sold to South Korea and around 4,560 mt to North Korea.

QINGDAO KERUN BIO-TECHNOLOGO CO., LTD is a manufacturer of water treatment chemicals, including scale and corrosion inhibitor. KR-601 scale and corrosion inhibitor for Iron & Steel plant which used for coking and has a good effect.

We are dedicated to bring a personalized service to each customer by providing an unique solution to each case. By having an advanced management system, well-developed after-sale service and a strong sales team, we have achieved industry-leading expertise in all these fields in China and reached an annual production of 80 thousand tons.

Our official website: http://krwatertreatment.com 

The Lash Effect: how to get the most out of fake

The amazing Shahana Ali at The Powder Lounge is THE expert in false eyelashes. And she knows her shit. Check out her top advice if youre going all DIY with your lashes this Christmas.

This week: How to get the most out of false eyelashes.
To make your eyes look wider, sexier and more awake use eyelash extensions. Place medium-length lashes in middle of eye, and longer lashes on outer corner, as this makes your eyes look longer and wider, and so more feline and sexier. Angelina Jolie does this a lot! Holiday lashes. This will instantly make you look striking and fresh.

Did you Know? The Powder Lounge offer Bespoke Outer Corner lash extensions which last up to two months, as well as Weekend and Holiday lashes if you want the look for a special occasion. EMEDA also can be your best choice for beautiful eyelashes.

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What is the used of the sodium alginate?

Sodium Alginate is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed, has numerous functionalities in food industry, such as thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, texture improver, anti-retrogradation of starch and gel agent, due to its special chemical construction and excellent properties. Alginate can be widely applied as a natural additive in various kinds of food, such as wheat flour, noodles, frozen flour products, bakery, etc.

There are several different used of sodium alginate. Such as thickener sodium alginate (ZC10), ultra-low-viscosity alginate, dental mould use alginate, masks use alginate, lithium alginate, sodium magnesium etc. If you need, please tell us the viscosity, the use, the mesh etc., Then we can quote you in time.

About Us
JL Chemicals has more than 20 years experiences in doing import and export business that engaged in the silica gel, desiccant sachets, molecular sieve, activated alumina, sodium alginate, food grade gum and other chemicals. We have more than 40 buyers all over in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea Southeast Asia and Africa. In recent years, our productssell well in Africa market and the trading volumes increase quickly. We have accumulated a lot of experiences in product quality, packaging, shipping service. The quality of our products not only meets international quality standards, and can also meet many special quality requirement of the buyer.
We are Qingdao Joint and Lucky Industrial Co,. Ltd.(Referred to as J&L Industrial Chemicals) that has more than 20 yearsexperiences in doing exporting business. Mainly products include silica gel, desiccant packets, molecular sieve, activated alumina, food gum, hyaluronic acid etc.. Our buyers come from all over the world, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea Southeast Asia, and Africa and so on. In recent years, our productssell well in West Africa markets and the trading volumes increase quickly.


What is FNG waterproof silica gel?

Property: FNG waterproof silica gel is white or gray microporous particle, which is insoluble in water or inorganic acid, and its main component is mmSiO2.nH2O, classified into bulk and sphere. The product is a kind of silica gel processed from powder; apart from adsorptive property like ordinary silica gel, it has advantages including good water resistance, low broken rate and long service life.

Function: the product is mainly used for drying air during air separation process, adsorbing acetylene, compressing air and drying various industrial gases during preparation process of liquid air and liquid oxygen, acts as liquid adsorbent and catalyst support in the petrochemical engineering, electric utility, brew and other industries, as well as serves as water purification during water treatment.

Physico-chemical property: soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated caustic solution, with high mechanical strength.


Adsorption %RH20%:

Bulk density g/l:

Heating loss:

None-bursting rate with water:

Qualified rate of granularity:


1.According to structure, the waterproof silica gel can be classified into FNG-A type (pore) and FNG-C type (gross porosity)

2.According to granularity, the waterproof silica gel can be classified into 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 2-5mm, 4-8mm, 6-8mm, 8-10mm, 8-12mm, etc.

Package: FNG-C type for 20 kg (FNG-A type for 25 kg)/compound bag or fiber can (lined polythene film bag) or customized.

Precautions for use:

1. Before use, don't open the package so as to prevent moisture absorption, thus effect the using effect.

2. After using the product for a certain period, the adsorptive property will decrease gradually, at this time, regeneration and desorption of moisture absorbed shall be done to be reused in renewable gases.

3. Pay attention to moisture proof, sun block, and water proof during storage, as well as try to avoid package damage to affect the absorption effect.

About Us
JL Industrial Chemicals is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Molecular Sieve, Sodium Alginate,Activated Alumina in China.We provide Molecular Sieve 3A,4A,3-5MM Activated Alumina,Calcium Alginate etc..

How to Choose a Conveyor Roller

Qingdao East Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd can process a lot kinds of conveyor roller. We design more than 1000 kinds conveyor rollers. Our design department and professional logistics experts can service you for your special work needs at any time.

You should choose the stainless steel roller tube and the stainless steel core shaft in the humid area or the acid and alkali corrosion environment. We can also provide special design of roller, for example, the surface natural rubber.

If you choose a conveying roller of plastic rigid chain, the delivery device will run very smoothly and quietly.

If required items in the transmission line stop or deposit and running resistance is not significantly increased in the case of the normal operation of the conveying drive device, you should choose stacking conveyor rollers.

Taper roller are mostly used in arc segments, tapered roller can ensure the smooth delivery of objects in a circular arc section of the.

Timing belt wheel conveyor rollers are widely used in rubber industry.

3PE Heat Shrinkable Sleeves & Mastic Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

     Heat shrinkable sleeves is made up of polyethylene backing and hot melting adhesive.In Tongjin Polymer,there is different adhesive for pipe line which running on different condition.
      Except temperature of pipeline running,the types also can be divide into 3PE adhesive and mastic adhesive.The 3PE adhesive is more suitable for surface with two-components epoxy primer.The mastic adhesive is more suitable for surface of pipeline steel.So we have two different heat shrinkable sleeve,our products name as follow:
      3PE heat shrinkable sleeves,are consist of a radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable backing coated on the inside with a heat activated adhesive. While the modified polyethylene material of the backing offers superior mechanical protection, the specially formulated adhesive offers excellent corrosion protection under demanding conditions.Used in conjunction with the proprietary epoxy primer,the 3 layer system is the choice of discerning clients who need long term corrosion protection.
      Mastic heat shrinkable sleeves, are consist of a radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable backing coated on the inside with a mastic adhesive. While the modified polyethylene material of the backing offers superior mechanical protection, the specially formulated adhesive offers excellent corrosion protection under demanding conditions.
     For more details please send me Email: jimmy@heatshrinkfactory.com
     Source: http://www.heatshrinkfactory.com